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Aug. 21st, 2006 | 01:53 pm

alright. time to post my scedhule!

A s1 intro to crafts
A s2 study hall
B Bio honors 246
B choir 135
c Bio Honors
D CSC Honors
E Sophomore english honors
F ATandT
G s1 study hall
G s2 Graphic Design
H Spanish

let me know ASAP if you have anything with meee!

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Jun. 23rd, 2006 | 10:00 pm
mood: tiredawww.
music: jurassic 5.

hiiii everyone.

lets see. its friday night, and i just got home from work. and i am verrry tired since i worked three days in a row. but my payckeck made it worth it. but i am tired. and i'm going to watch a movie with my mother tonight and exchange hand rubs which i will enjoy.

tomorrow is graduation. it will be nice i think. eloise left me her yearbook and she wants me to have alll of this seniors sign it that i have spoken to like twice in my life so thats sort of awkward but oh well. maybe i will, maybe i won't. and i reallly want to go swimming tomorrow at the warren falls since i haven't been this year!

and sunday, well that is the beginning of my vacation in maine with stephen and my parents. good old camping, on a lake. and an ocean nearby. we are bring tubes, and a fishing boat, and a canoe. and our pop up camper and a tent. i am exccccited, i love camping. but its a little depressing cause i was invited to TWO partys this week and i won't be able to attend! i mean, i feel bad for julia and abby cause obviously their parties will be a complete failure if i am not there. Hehee, jk.

today i was working with justin and garret and it wasn't busy so we made milkshakes with every single ingredient. i will name them off:
chocolate syrup
stawberry syrup (one a little cause justin is allergic)
rasberry syrup
malt powder
maple syrup
coffee syrup
whipped cream
vanilla syrup
gummi bears.

it was interesting.

but i ate soooo much today i felt like i was going to throw up. short side story. :)

i hope everyone has a lovely week, i'll be back on the 3rd, can't wait for the warren paradeeee!!!:)

byebyebeybeybeyeee i love you all. kathryn.

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Countdown - 2 days!

Jun. 12th, 2006 | 06:38 pm
location: home
mood: excited!
music: dissspatch

Oh Gosh! my first entry since September 10th! this is soooo exciting. I am pumped for summertime, only two short days of exams left and then i will be hassssssssslefree and so will everyone else and it will be just wonderful!

I am here like half of this summer, so i would absolutely LOVE to hang out with evvverybody on the PLANET. Earth. ohhhh gosh, i hope everyones exams are going good. now stop reading and go STUDY! :) hehee.

i have to get back to stahl assessment anyways. i'm close to 30 pages, almost there. and tomorrow i will hand it in and english class will be OVER! wahhhhooo. i will miss it, but there is next year. and next year i will have a wonderful english class including the lovvvely ms. reid! :):):)

seeeeeyou later everyone. don't be a stranger on lj!

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Sep. 10th, 2005 | 11:08 am
mood: coldits chilllly
music: radio downstairs. coldplay?

i hate updating. takes too long. typing sucks. so this will be short.

it sucks that summer is over but school has been very nice so far. i love meeting the cute old cbmsers and getting to know them. last night me and em and el went to wbury and hung out with joe, pop, billy, findlay, eric, and some other people at rowe field at like 9 o'clock. we played manhunt, very thrilling game. me and el hid out most the time, then eric or joe would tell us what to do and we totally faked out the other team! :) then ashley and chloe stopped by and it was very nice to see them. but they had to leave soon, so we all just lay on the field for a little while and then went over to pops house. but we had to leave at 11, so it was kind of sad.

anyways, soccer has beenn great too. i love my team, plus i love how we're UNDEFEATED. yes first game, 10-1. second game, 7-1, third game, 4-0. wow, we're on a role. i hope we actuyally start playing harder teams, cause this is kind of getting to be a joke. i love when people come to cheer us on, so come watch one of our games sometime! i also love watching the boys varsity games, boys soccer is more fun to watch i think. plus there...varsity...boys... :)

okay. time to go. i have no clue what i am doing today. emily is here, eloise left to go to field hockey. we were going to go the the farmers market but em took to long so my mom ditched us and left :( bitch. soooo any ideas for what we should do?


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First DAY!

Aug. 31st, 2005 | 07:21 pm
mood: bouncyschool is cool
music: POOL PARTY BABY! :)

hey everyone!

guess where i went today, i bet no one will guess. so i will tell you. i went to........ SCHOOL!

i know. big surprise. whoopee

it was fun for the first day. very nice to see everyone again. plus i can't wait to get to know the cbmsers better, that will be nice because i'm so used to the same old same old HARWOODIANS.

first off was MOODY's class of personal wellness. what a nice class to have first off. super easy with a teacher who loves you. plus i have thomas meheron in my class, and james and dylan. plus jordan brownlee is coming tomorrow. yahooooooo.

next-CHORUS. nothing is better than diane phillips. she just cheers me right up! :) thomas meheron again, plus cecilia and not sure who else. older kids of course. should be exciting

then...spanish- MS. WOODS STYLE. i love all the girls (sierra, zari, julia...) but no good boys except for goody goody ones so although i'm with my friends, not too many crazy disruptions, which is a bummer.

and thennnnn... world history honors. i have some of the best people ever in that class. sierra, thomas, julia, ashley, chloe, cc, joeeeeey, JOHNNY. yes, enough said, gorgeous. plus munford is hilarious and a really great teacher. so i'm psyched

and and thennnn... oh yes, one of the more depressing classes. english honors (MRS. STAHL) eww. shes very strict. and orderly. and doesn't laugh. and is NO...FUN. major bummer. but at least i have zari, celia, luke, and karli! hopefully we will be able to talk a wee bit. i hope she gets funner. really hope.

after that.... Geometry. no one was there except for celia and a few cbmsers today, but its a sophomore class so there will be many more tomorrow. hopefully good sophmores. the teacher is nice, she seems chill, pretty easy. GOOD. nice break after stahl.

after after that... career and life planning. hmm no one good in that class. except for zari. oh well, only 2 days of the week anyways.

and FINALLY... earth space science. that will be fun. good people. ash, col, wes, trev, ben c. the last three will be good troublemakers and disrupt the class i hope. and i am sure they will, plenty. coyle seems okkay, pretty funny. fairly easy. YEA

oh yea. almost forgot. very shitty ta. not good teacher. no good people (except for abby). bummer. but i made friends with geoff a little so that was nice. but yea, i want to switch real bad. hopefully they will let me. i want to be in roderiquezes soooooooooooooooooo incredibly bad.

so thats my day. haha i odn't really know why i wrote it. but i did. i understand if you didn't even read it. but thanks if you did! i'm bummed cause theres a bunch of people i have NOTHING with. which really sucks. but that means we will just have to hang out more aftershcool! :)

okay. see everyone tomorrow! for our first reallllll day! FRESHY'S UNITE. hopefully no one will beat me up. haha. aight dawgs i'm out. PEACE.

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Almost time for schooooooooooooooooooooooooooooool!!!! :)

Aug. 29th, 2005 | 11:33 pm
mood: excitedexcitedddd!!!
music: BLOC PARTY!!!!

wowwwwww. SCHOOL IS IN 1 day! day after tomorrow. wait, is that 2 days? i don't know, but really soon!
i am having mixed feelings about school. i'm excited because i love seeing people, and school kind of forces you to hang out with people. in a way. i'm always too lazy to make plans in the summer, so i end up with just like emily and eloise, and sometimes julia if shes not being a soccer star. plus joe and sam sometimes. but thats about it. so i'm excited.

but then i think about classes, and work, and thinking, and waking up early, and stupid people, and that just bums me out. oh well though, lifes a bitch i guess.

the past few days before school have been pretty fun. lots of soccer, a jamboree on saturday which was fun. i went school shopping on sunday, staples all the way. SCHOOL SUPPLIES. pretty much a party. but then i went downtown and saw ELOISE and so she said LATA to her fam and hung out with me and mi madre in churchstreet. went shopping in a pretty cool new store called american apparel. i got some bright blue leggings, pretty hott i know. then we met up with my brother and his gf, ate at kens pizza with them. SAW LIAM. laughed at him. eloise had sex with my brother, or else SHE WISHED. haha. now my brother is living at my house, he moved out of his apartment in btown cause sherie is going to UVM now. so hes here, which is very nice cause i have missed him and now we get to hang out.

like tonight when he picked me el em and julia up from JOEYS house! we went there for a laguna party. i met michael....don't remember his last name, but people call him pops. yea, cbms peeps all know him, but this was my first encounter. i really like that kid, cracks me right up. we bonded over brownie batter ice cream, pizza, and other forms of delicious food. i laughed a lot tonight, probably the most i have in about a month. Laguna was great. lots of DRAMA, michael and joey got really into itgood times. we watched michael talk to his hand, and joes cat. wow that kid makes me laugh like no other. the next andy milonakis i would say.

so mikey boy picked us up. we got home. me mikey and julia bonded while el and em obsessed over the comp. we chatted about jello shots, UVM, snowboarding, microwavable pizza, you know, good stuff like that.
i am very relaxed right now. listening to some Bloc party, thanks to the lovely sierra margaret eilers. but time to entertain my guests!

goodnight everyone. sweet dreams to all, on there last free night before SCHOOL!!!! :( :)
i really really really really really can't wait to see everyone. especially people i haven't seen all summer! it will be great, the first day back is always gorgeous. okay, time to go. love you all.

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I mine as well update

Aug. 25th, 2005 | 11:27 am
mood: crappybored...
music: ben the harper

home...and bored.

i hate when my mom has to start going back to school, but summer isn't over yet, cause then i get stranded at home. i want to go to emilys house reallllly bad, but i guess her mom got breast surgery and can't drive. oh well, lifes a bitch. hopefully i will get over there somehow.

i'm feeling a tad angry, cause someone is trying to steal MY boy. haha not really, but it is a tad weird. hmmm, oh well. he didn't even remember her.

school is starting soon. i'm excited for the first few days, but i know that after that it will become torturous again.

i said goodbye to my sister yesterday with my mom, dad, and ryan. it was very sad, cause we could tell that she was very nervous about it all, but excited just the same. i could tell it was hard for lisa and ryan, there not used to saying goodbye to eachother. but its all good now, cause shes in spain and probably having a blast!

we won our scrimmage yesterday, 5-0. the other team sucked, but we played pretty good so i was happy. i watched one hour photo last night. creepy movie, but very good. you should watch. psycho drama i would call it. muy bien.

okay. i must eat food, and call la emily and eloise. farewell until later.

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Soccer/Laguna/lisa+ryan/GOOD TIMES

Aug. 23rd, 2005 | 11:19 pm
mood: nervousi will miss her
music: killllllllers

i feel totalllly hott cause i'm listening to this song my black eyed peas featuring jack johnson. the lovely emily siner gave it to me. its very cute, like a remix of "gone" by jack, with BEP. very cute. i love it. i love free itunes songs from johnson state. :) haha

so i've mostly been playing soccer. on monday i had a guitar lesson in the morning (got the music for eleanor rigby, can totally play it!) and then had a soccer scrimmage in spaulding, which we won 3-0!!! it was good, but our team played pretty terribly. but it was our first time, so its alright. we have a goooood team though, i'm excited for the season. so after the game i went home with my mom and emily, so we totally stopped at quiznos and ate subs in the lovely barre. said hi to some hott white trash guys :) i felt like i was going to get raped a few times, but it was alllllll good.
so i got home, and soon eloise came over because of LAGUNA BEACH! she comes over like every week, cause no cable at her moms :) we went ALL OUT this week. totally crazy. first we made mini brownies and popcorn and crystal light that we dyed red so that it looked extra lagunaishhh, plus i dyed ryans drink blue, cause he's a laguna surfer dude! then we made laguna signs that we taped to ourselves, and i made two awesome laguna streamers that i wrote all over, we taped them all over the tv room. WOW good times! i got very pissed at jessica and jason though. total retards. plus i hate alex, and kristin, so the only people i really actually do like are talan and taylor and cedric....everyone else good is gone :( very depressing

so eloise slept over that night. we went in the hot tub at like 2...GIRL TALKED. mhmm good stuff. i love late night talks. so then el read some hp, i read some teen people, and finally went to bed. butttttt.....only about 6 hours later we were woken up by her stepdad and hazel at my house! david was dropping off hazel, so we had to babysit her. i was tired, but it was all good because hazel is such a cutie that i don't mind her at all. she makes me happy. such a nice girl. we ate eggs and watched little mermaid. then hazel and eloise left....i sat at home. read hp. chillllledd

then nich called and wanted to come over, he says my house is more interesting then his wigwam (which has all his friends in it) which i doubt cause we do nothing here. but whatever. he says all they do is carve wood and...yea....other stuff. SO he came over, we did nothing. i learned some tunes on the guitar. we hung out. took some cute pics. yea, good stuff.

soon we went to soccer practice, which was fun but boring today because our coach lectured for about an hour! HELLLL! but thats alright cause i just watched the varsity boys scrimmage which was nice.
next...sports meeting. SUE DUPRATT (BITCH HELL) enough said. :(

just watched real world. only it was with my mom, and she absolutely hated it and thought it was crap so now i think shes getting rid of mtv AGAIN! uh oh very very bad. boohoo this time i will do everything in my power to keep it. anyone who has any advice, please tell me!

okay. ryan (sis's bf) just found his old livjournal from forever ago, so i'm off to go read it. i bet there will be some funny shit. him and my sis are laughing. my sister is leaving tomorrow for spain. i will not see her until christmas vaca! wow, long time. i will miss the old whore. haha. okay GOODNIGHT!

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This weekend (in a nutshell)

Aug. 21st, 2005 | 11:31 pm
mood: tiredlast one up
music: some garageband mix kevin made and sierra gave to me...sweet

its 11:36 pm right now and i feel cool because i am the only person awake in myhouse right now. i am in my living room. its dark. i'm using my moms new laptop, which makes me happy cause now i can just lie down with a comforter and put it on my lap and talk to my friends at the same time! good times. i feel comfy. only a huge daddy long legs just crawled up my blanket and freaked me out, so i had to flick it off though. its all good now, i'm safe. phew

soooo...since friday night i've been having a pretty swell time. Julia and sierra left on saturday morning and emily and eloise and i went up to williston to go see the march of the penguins with mi madre. but then we decided to go see red eye, cause penguins seemed boring. red eye was pretty good, our fav part was when she beat up the guy with a field hockey stick. eloise was very proud, and now el knows what to do if a creepy guy trys to kill her!
After the movie we hung out at starbucks with my mom and brother and his gf. i got mad at my brother for not even getting me a birthday present or card, so he tried to give me a hug and kiss but i spit starbucks water at his face. haha total payback. it was funny.

so we got back from btown and were late for the party of the year...ADAMS END OF SUMMER PARTY. it was a blast. but not really. but kind of fun. jumping on the tramp with joe sam sierra and eloise was definetely a highlight, i love those kids. we played soccer a lot, who would have guessed, but it was fun goofy soccer, not adam pro lets-do-cool-tricks kind of soccer. BIG difference, haha. ben d. and his bro nate were there, definetely some of my top favorite people. nate and me really bonded. sooooo after the fireworks ended, i played some san andreas and it was time to go home.

today was farely chillllll. went to the falls with sierra and sam siegel. the water was colllld but it was nice to be with my homedawgs. we saw zari and colleen and cc and jeffery there. but then we left and walked down to the store. got a yummmmy cookie (sierra got 2), hung out with willis, and got picked up my julias mom who brought us to these tennis courts and pond up on prickly mountain. julia and emily and hannah were up there, so we tennised, swam, soccered, and kayaked it up. we saw wilson pierce up there, and invited him over to julias house. he knew a very fun path back to julias house, so i felt like we were on some kind of laguna beach safari adventure and that made me happy. :)

so we hung out at julias house for a while. played some pretty intense card games, made up some very good ones myself...yummy food, good friends, watched the day after tomorrow. i love jake g. sooooo cute. but we didn't get to finish the movie cause my padre came and brought sam sierra and i home...

so now i'm home. and its 11:58. and i'm tired and have a guitar lesson tomorrow so i must say goodbye now. GOOOODBYE

ooo its 12 now. so its like tomorrow. but its like today. freaky. ok GOODNIGHT

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Aug. 20th, 2005 | 12:03 am
mood: gratefulyummmmy
music: hold you in my arms-ray lamontagne :)

FIRST OF ALL...... i would like to thank EVERYONE for wishing me a happy birthday! it was so nice to read it from y'all, made my day. it was a very good birthday.

on wednesday (day before bithday), nich came over while mi madre was gone and hung out with me and em. we were so tired though that we didn't do anything. watched tv, slept on the couch, etc as emily went on mtv.com and looked at laguna pics. OBSESSED! :) haha its funny, i love it. so then we blew some bubbles, and nich left. whoooohooo...

MY BIRTHDAY!- soccer started it all off till 10, then me and em went home and went to the falls! met up with sierra, eloise, becky, zari, colleen, and sam m, along with my sis and her bf and my guests. it wad fun, but very chilly. then soccer again, which was very nice cause everyone sung happy b-day and kelley made me CHEWY BARS! you probabaly have never had the priveledge of eating one, but they are the most delicious morsels EVER! :)

that night was cute cause we had a b-day dinner with everyone, FAQITAS! opened presents (GOOD ONES!) and ate delicious cake. i got fat that night............ weiurhwioehrfweiorfn whatev

SO today we had our last practice of the week, and i made the JV A team! i was happy, i get to be with all my buds, except for hulia and celia who are to cool for us and made VARSITY! jk though, i am so ridiculously proud of them. good job girls!!!

so tonight was incredibly fun because we all had a little flatbread birthday party! me, sierra, em, el, julia, sam s, joe, and nich came to flatbread with me along with my bro and gf, sis and bf, mom dad, guests, and friends that gave me 50 bucks for my b-day! also we saw ben deflavio and his brother and friend. i love them, so that made my day. SO AFTER opening great presents, me and all my pals got to sit at our own table away from the elders and we totally felt like we were on LAGUNA

me- kristen (cause eloise says everyone hates me, haha)
emily-LC. duh
joe- deiter (cause hes funny :)
nich-TREY :) :) :) cause i love him.

anyways, it was tres fun. and after tons of flatbread, salad, and BROWNIE SUNDAES, the 8 of us went night swimming at lareau when it was very dark. we all jumped in. tres chilly. it was very fun though, nichs arrmmmmmmmms :) eloise was totally swimming in her BRA and UNDERWEAR, cause she forgot her b.s. but the rest of us just stripped in the dark and changed into our b.s.'s. aftwerwards we walked back, went home and me sierra julia and nich jumped in the hot tub and chilled. more huuuggggggggging :) but my dad drove em el joe and sam and decicded to be stupid (as usual) and drove joe home even though he was going to sleep over at sams house. what an asssshole. em and el were mad. sam couldn't go in the hot tub, they picked up nich and left again to bring everyone home. but thats alright, i will beat him up tomorrow.

so now me el em sierra and julia are hanging out here, staying up late, talking to joe and tom griffin, and having a party! it was a very nice 2 days for me, muy bien! i loved seeing joe and sam, i haven't realized how much i have missed those two boys, there hilarious. and i was so happy that nich came, and of course i love my girls. what more could be better?? NOTHING :)

okay time to stop typing! goodnight everyone.

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